Embedded Design Capabilties

Embedded Linux Systems

For more intensive projects, we leverage the built-in stability and capabilities of the Linux platform and other open source projects.  We produce well-documented, standards-compliant C++ code, with a focus on efficient use of the standard template library.  We are experts in real-time, multithreaded development using the pthread library and the newer C++11 constructs for parallelism.

Depending on project needs, we can incorporate an embedded C++ web server for configuration and/or monitoring of the system.  We have an in-house framework, based on AngularJS, for interacting with our embedded Linux systems.  An exciting thing happens when our web team joins forces with our embedded team to tackle your project.

We can also incorporate an embedded SQLite database for data capture or log data to a variety of formats, including MDF and TDMS.  We can implement redundant, fault-tolerant logging functionality as a part of your embedded project.

Two Fish Software can deliver powerful, feature-rich embedded systems, including:

  • Advanced control systems, including material control and factory automation
  • Sorting and counting systems for packaging systems
  • Automated end-of-line test systems for quality assurance, including high throughput in-batch testing
  • Calibration stands used in the manufacture of instrumentation
  • Data acquisition systems with built-in data logging and tools for data analysis
  • Remote monitoring systems, using a GSM cellular antenna
  • IoT style devices that interact with cloud services for logging/monitoring

Two Fish Software is proud to be an active contributor to the open source community.

Microcontroller Firmware

With an extensive expertise using Microchip PIC and Atmel AVR microcontrollers, Two Fish Software can deliver embedded firmware customized to your design requirements.  We can also update or maintain existing firmware written on just about any embedded platform.

Inter-system communication is one of the most crucial pieces of any embedded development project.  It’s also one of the more challenging aspects of many designs.  We have successfully developed multiple proprietary protocols for our customers.  We have also implemented numerous standard protocols from the automotive, instrumentation and factory automation worlds.

Our competency with the Microchip Harmony and AVR LUFA frameworks allow us to add WiFi, Ethernet and USB support to our embedded projects, including HID, CDC, and mass storage functionalities.

Many projects require field firmware updates, allowing end users to easily update their products.  This requires that the firmware supports self-updating through a user-accessible interface, and without a programming adapter.  We have multiple strategies to deliver this feature to our customers.

Electronics and Mechanics

In addition to our team of talented software and firmware engineers, Two Fish Software has in-house electronics design and assembly capabilities.  This gives us a head start in early development, by quickly creating proof of concepts and prototypes.

For projects that require custom enclosures, we also have a local network of proven mechanical engineers and machinists.  This makes Two Fish Software a “one stop shop” for many of your engineering needs.